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Lotus Rose, author of The Poniworld Chronicles and Malice in Wonderland Saga

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here's my amazon author page......and my Goodreads author page

My work is also available at the Ibookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords Google play etc.

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here's my Amazon author page......and my Goodreads author page
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My Last Three Books

"The Return of Mackenzie (Faerie Brace-Face 3)" by Lotus Rose on Ganxy "Revenge of the Faebots (Faerie Brace-Face Book 2)" by Lotus Rose on Ganxy "Malice Hates Fairy Tales #3" by Lotus Rose on Ganxy


The Return of Mackenzie (Faerie Brace-Face 3) (2016)
Revenge of the Faebots (Faerie Brace-Face 2) (2016)
Malice Hates Fairy Tales #3 (2015)
Malice Hates Fairy Tales #2 (2015)
Malice Hates Fairy Tales #1 (2015)
Gothic Lolita 3: Pageant (2015)
Gothic Lolita 2: Heirloom (2015)
How the Alien Pony Princess Fell in Love (2015)
BlackHearts Day (2014)
Malice in Wonderland Prequel (2014)
Merry XXXmas, Charlee Frown (2014)
Octopony (2014)
Dust on the Wind: Journey to Redemption (2013)
Mötley Hüerd, the Pony Glam Metal Band (2013)
Malice In Wonderland #3: Alice the Girl Who Will Tear Your Heart Out and Show It To You Before You Die (2013)
Gothic Lolita (2013)
Malice in Wonderland #2: Alice the Angel of Death (2013)
Malice in Wonderland #1: Alice the Assassin (2012)
Dust in Your Eyes: An Erotic Poni Tale (2012)
My Brootal Poni: A Very Butch Poni Tale (2012)
Mein Poni-Kampf: A Biography of the Leader of the Nazi Ponies (2011)
"butterfly knight: a prequel to The Doll Queen" (2011)
The Doll Queen (2010)
Faerie Brace-Face (2010)
SinEaster (2010)
MachoPoni: A Prance with Death (2009)
The Corruption of Innocence (2007)
"fat sucker" in Jackhammer
"the cleanest part of me" in Errata
"daddy's secret" in The Outsider
"family" in Gothic Net
"ritualistic pillowtalk for the masses" in Cleansheets
"nothing good ever happens to george" in Peridot Books